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Trunnion Table


Attached simply to the rotary table of practically any indexer, MMS trunnion fixtures eliminate multiple setups in product runs and allow machine operators to precisely modify three different part surfaces without repeatedly changing cumbersome clamps and vises that create costly downtime. And, because they are constructed of heavy-duty cast iron, MMS trunnion table fixtures are highly rigid and durable — built to withstand long-term, repeated use in even the most demanding Shop environments. Available in a variety of standard sizes with free center height alterations, or in custom configurations.

Trunnion Tables

Stallion Trunnion

Throw away your angle plates & sine plates. Mount vises, chucks, subplates, super spacers. Our Stallion Trunnion is compatible with both Troyke vertical machines and Haas rotary tables and many other manufacturers. Learn More


Stallion Double Sided Trunnion

Allows a full 180 degrees of rotation. Designed to mount single or double sided 6 or 8" three jaw chuck. Our Double Sided Trunnion is compatible with both Troyke vertical machinines and Haas rotary tables and many other manufacturers. Learn More


Quick Change Fixture

Less than 60 Second change over. The Quick Change feature provides the ultimate in flexibility with .0005 Repeatability. The Quick Change Trunnion Fixture is available in custom sizes for any brand indexer and center height. Learn More


High-Speed Drill Tap Fixture

Drill or Tap multiple holes in 3 dimensions without ever changing the setup! Features a lower profile than quad systems with the same workholding ability. Learn More


Stallion Hybrid Trunnion

Reduces or completely eliminates ever removing your Trunnion Table to install a 3 jaw chuck, collet chuck or faceplate. Built-in heavy duty brake allows for heavy cutting on both the trunnion and chuck without worries of the stock rotary table moving.
Learn More



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