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Speedgrip Chuck, Inc.


The Speedgrip Group is the expert for addressing your process needs — whether you are a small, medium, or large production facility; manufacturer of a product, an outsource supplier, an original equipment manufacturer or machine tool distributor.


We can service your needs with engineered workholding solutions for: turning, milling, grinding, hobbing, shaving, welding, balancing, inspection, fixture holding and your unique use.



Standard I.D. Chucking Mechanisms

Collets, Collet Chucks, and Locators for manual or drawbar actuation, as well as Between Center Mandrels. Also available are various Single Taper, Double Taper and Reverse Taper Collets.


Special Engineered Workholding Mechanisms

Whether your parts require workholding for high volume production or they are just special enough that the standard chuck won't work, Speedgrip's sales and engineering departments have the solutions to your workholding applications.


Air and Hydraulic Cylinders

Responding to customers' need, Speedgrip has developed a quality line of Air and Hydraulic Cylinders for use with their workholding and fixture equipment. Also, available are Collet Actuators and accessories for their standard chucking mechanisms.


> If you are in the automotive industry and are dealing with engine, transmission or drive train components.

> If you are in the aerospace industry and your parts relate to turbines, landing gear, or armament components.

> If you are in the electric motor industry and you need to hold strators, armatures, or housing.

> If you are in the gear industry, manufacturing gears, inspecting gears, or manufacturing and selling machines for those tasks.

Whatever your needs, Speedgrip Chuck offers you the expertise

to provide you with Engineered Workholding Solutions!

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