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Cameron, A Speedgrip Company


Manufacturers of precision hydraulic chucks and arbors, hydraulic toolholders and Sabertooth expanding mandrels.


Hydraulic Chucks and Arbors

The Cameron hydraulic workholding principle was developed by Gordon N. Cameron, founder of Cameron, to provide a simple, but highly accurate, workholding device.


Sabertooth Expanding Mandrels

Sabertooth expanding mandrels are a standard, in stock, internal workholding system. The Sabertooth system utilizes a slotted metal sleeve which has a series of tapers, or ramps. As the sleeve is pushed up, the tapers ( the slotted sleeve ) expands inside the part bore holding it securely for machining.


Hydraulic Tool Holders

Cameron manufactures a line of hydraulic tool holders
capable of gripping tools from one through five inches
in diameter. Using the same metal flexing design that
our chucks and arbors have used since 1959, Cameron
tool holders have the quality, accuracy and dependability
that has become a Cameron trademark.

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